Evil Man Epic

The Showdown with Stalknight
Let's get physical

Our Heroes walk through a portal after going through the maze and they face Stalk-Knight.

We kill Stalk-Knight’s body guards and then down his shield with a poison arrow. He stops casting and pulls out 5 soul shards and crushes them in his hand. The souls scream and then enter his eyes. He then teleports to each of us and stabs us in the eyes with his weapons. He teleports us all to the center of the battle field and kills Lithian.

We unleash and sacrafice souls and unleash pure devistation upon Stalk-Knight

We gain 6459 xp each, 10k gold each and 5 souls

The Black Tower
Evil Reborn

After we were utterly destroyed by a light dragon, we awoke in a strange place. We were all flayed alive and forced to submit to our new master Master Eric. He tells us that we will obey him and we will be rewarded.

We are all flayed again and given some more power. All of our brands are replaced with an upside down black castle.

We are all also made so that our faces are made of metal. When we are among humans, they see us as normal humans.

Master Eric send us to Talar to find a halfling named Megan. We are to bring her back in good health. And we are also to act with good manners in public so that our evil ways aren’t discovered.

We are all charged with strange tendrils through our bodies. Mavitash is Purple in color, Drako is Maroon, Melgar is Blue and Lithian Leafborn is Pink.

He also tells us that we may find the “object of our hatred”, we believe he is speaking of Stalk-Knight.

He teleports us to Talar

We take refuge at an inn and rent a room under the guise of traveling missionaries. Mavitash attempts to bless the inn and the keeper and his son.

During our stay we discover that Megan is a free rider. As we are discussing things, a giant earthquake hits and we have to run from the building. Everyone except for Melgar is crushed to some degree but we all escape and engage in battle with some flaming beasts and an ogre.

The First Contract
Out of the Underdark
  • After resting, Drako receives a communique from the assassin’s guild, offering a contract to kill someone in the Overworld. The group discusses it and quickly jumps at the opportunity to leave the Underdark. Another message begins to blink from the message crystal and Lithian Leafborn attempts to open it and because he does not bear the mark of the assassin, it explodes and a distress signal is sent. The group leaves hastily for the Overworld.
  • The party stops for the night and are ambushed by a Mushroom man and exploding orbs, as well as swarms of bee-like creatures.
  • Once the Mushroom man was destroyed, his orbs imploded and the party finished off the bees with ease. Our travelers resumed their journey but were swiftly caught up in a frenzy of giant falling mushroom trees. Dodging, jumping and pushing their way through the trees, they made it to safety.
  • After climbing up a shaft which appeared to go on forever, the group finally made it out of the Underdark and into a warm Spring day.
  • The adventurers find themselves deep in the county of Freeton, just outside the city of Brindle where they are to meet their contact.
  • Wandering into town they group finds the local tavern, the Drunken Unicorn, and enters the building one at a time, hoping not to draw attention.
  • The bartender is slightly racist and is not terribly pleased with the rag-tag group of people who have recently entered his bar. The bartender also mentions something of the hobgoblin menace that has been plaguing the town recently.
  • Just as the party is enjoying their drinks, a horde of goblins storms the town and the bar, lighting things on fire.
  • The party fights against goblin after goblin in the bar, all is it starts to envelop them in flames. Once the last of the goblins is dispatched, the 4 narrowly escape the fire and find themselves on the empty street.
  • An loud explosion jolts them and they are quickly greeted by a huge, full grown troll riding an ox-cart with two hobgoblins. The troll is throwing flaming explosive barrels at the party.
  • Lithian Leafborn quickly lights bolt on fire and his shot strikes true into one of the barrels on the cart, sending the hobgoblins to their doom and blasting the troll to the feet of the party, bloody.
  • The party quickly strikes out at the troll but he, just as swiftly, regains his bearings and gives them a great fight.
  • Just as Drako loses consciousness, Melgar hews through the trolls side and into his heart. Mavitash revives Drako and tends to his wounds.
  • The party is approached by a town noble and is asked to join him at his house once the fires of the town were put out.
  • That evening, the group meets at the nobleman’s house and he offers them a contract to retrieve items stolen by the goblins and to put an end to the menace once and for all.
  • It is mentioned that the Red Hand is believed to be behind the mayhem.
  • The group agrees to the contract and returns to the barracks they have been provided to plan their next move.
Epic Evil Begins
  • Mavitash and Melgar were both magically enslaved by evil mistresses. Their adventuring party was taken captive and forced to fight in an arena style battle.
  • The battle ended and a giant creature burst through the ceiling.
  • Drako and Lithian were on their own adventure and found themselves forced to travel toward the arena as the madness ensued.
  • The giant create devoured both of the evil mistresses and the party escaped, only to find themselves deep in the Underdark.
  • Drako was mistaken for another assassin (who was supposed to kill him) and the group was taken by another assassin to a safe house.
  • The group plotted to kill the assassin that was accompanying them, during the night, to avoid what they assumed was an ambush. They succeeded.

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