Evil Man Epic

The Black Tower

Evil Reborn

After we were utterly destroyed by a light dragon, we awoke in a strange place. We were all flayed alive and forced to submit to our new master Master Eric. He tells us that we will obey him and we will be rewarded.

We are all flayed again and given some more power. All of our brands are replaced with an upside down black castle.

We are all also made so that our faces are made of metal. When we are among humans, they see us as normal humans.

Master Eric send us to Talar to find a halfling named Megan. We are to bring her back in good health. And we are also to act with good manners in public so that our evil ways aren’t discovered.

We are all charged with strange tendrils through our bodies. Mavitash is Purple in color, Drako is Maroon, Melgar is Blue and Lithian Leafborn is Pink.

He also tells us that we may find the “object of our hatred”, we believe he is speaking of Stalk-Knight.

He teleports us to Talar

We take refuge at an inn and rent a room under the guise of traveling missionaries. Mavitash attempts to bless the inn and the keeper and his son.

During our stay we discover that Megan is a free rider. As we are discussing things, a giant earthquake hits and we have to run from the building. Everyone except for Melgar is crushed to some degree but we all escape and engage in battle with some flaming beasts and an ogre.



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